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Sister Unity was born when the radioactive remnants of a comet passing through Earth's path around the sun filtered through our atmosphere and struck a vat of orange mylar in a Massachusetts glitter factory. A workman eating his lunch was leaning over the vat and the rind of a slice of salami fell from his hoagie into the irradiated mylar. The protein chains from the luncheon meat combined with the orange mylar and over the next 24 hours coalesced into para-human form. When the mylar was poured out the following day, there at the bottom of the vat was Sister Unity Divine!

She was quickly debriefed by NSA specialists in Human Hybridized Life Forms and sent to an exclusive prep school in the Northeast. Graduating with honors, she matriculated to Harvard University where she majored in Fungal Bio-commerce and Theater. Receiving an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Harvard, she traveled to India where she spent the better half of the Nineteen Eighties meditating in a small hut. The rest of the decade was spent carousing in British Synth-pop clubs.

After tutoring ESL to space aliens in southern Bhutan, where she hooked up with Lord Siva on the local Grindr & became His consort,  Sister Unity moved to Los Angeles to observe the decline of Western civilization first hand. There she awaits the rise of the new cultural paradigm while promulgating individual creative freedom and fomenting compassionate community interdependence with her colleagues and fellow Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

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