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Katie McKiltlifter copy.png

Sister Katharine "Katie" McKiltlifter (She/Her) came to the Los Angeles House after many years of watching from afar. Inspired by the work all nuns do she decided to toss her hoobie (nun hat) in the ring and join the fun. 


Katie comes from dubious beginnings. Katie was found as an infant by some sheep herder while tending his flock in Uigshader on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.  Poor baby was wrapped only up in swaddling cloth of (what is assumed)  her family tartan. Alas, the babe needed a home. 


Katie was adopted and raised by a pair of drag queens who resided in Long Beach, Ca. With that said it explains her lack of Scottish brogue, but still has the greatest love for a good 18 year single malt, tartans, all things colorful and glitter, lots of glitter.

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