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Sister Harlot D Lite is no stranger to a good time. She loves long walks on Santa Monica Blvd, Beer and French Fries and dancing at the disco. She met the sisters long ago while at an LGBT Pride parade here in Los Angeles. One of the sisters flashed their rooster to her while getting drink tickets that sunny Sunday afternoon. She was impressed by the hard work the sisters did and by the size of that hard-plucked rooster! Years went by, then on election year 2016 the world went into a twilight zone. GIRL! Sister Harlot knew that she needed to be part of something bigger than her, and the sisters kept coming into her life (not in her) in different ways. One day Sister Harlot went with her friend Tiger to a warehouse party and danced all night, there she saw Sister Unity dancing with the crowd. She felt the joy, and that capsule she took earlier that night. She danced all night until the party ended that following morning. A spark arose. Days later Harlot woke up with a burst of energy and calling to be of service, so she reached out to Sister Unity. And the rest is history. The Sisters have taught Sister Harlot to be brave, to speak up, and with that she has experienced so many wonderful memories of helping others, meeting new people and continuing the message of the sisters of promulgating universal joy and expiating stigmatic guilt.

There is no shame in being this sweet and gorgeous! Duh!

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