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Sister Cora Upshun of the Leather Youth


Sister Cora Upshun was a painted trollop all over the Midwest for so many years (you didn’t hear?!).  After running her name into the ground by trying to date every man in Chicago who was half her age, she decided it was time to pack up and move to a place with more sunshine and warmth to cruise those young'uns.  She eventually landed up in Los Angeles in the autumn of 2014.


Never one sit idly by when there were so many people to meet, she immersed herself in LA’s leather community.  Boy, did she ever!! If you couldn’t find her at eye level at the local leather bar, well… you knew you needed to look down.  She always did have an oral fixation!   Friends always said that she was most in her element when some cute thing in his mid-20s walked by.  Her friends often would say that she was “corrupting the youth.”  In her mind, it was the youth corrupting HER!  Yes, yes, Cora would argue that her reputation for poor life choices, and questionable choices in men, were not always fair.


Cora decided that she needed to focus on doing good for this new community of hers in ways that didn’t involve giving freely of her body as she had done, so many times before.  For this reason, one night, after having one too many glasses of wine before retiring to bed, she had an epiphany (some say she got the calling) to join the LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. That’s what she did in the summer of 2015.  Her journey to learn about the Sisters (and for them to learn about her – those poor souls) would last a few years until she because a fully professed nun herself in November 2017.

You can often see Cora laughing (nobody ever knows what causes her to burst out into giggles or an all-out guffaw) when she’s out and about.  She’s a friendly nun, means no harm to anyone, and deep down is just trying to make her mark in the world.  Cora Upshun of the Leather Youth was so named for how others viewed her in the past, but she’s here to bring love and smiles to the community.

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