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Dominia is an old soul. She has appeared many times over the millennia, in many different forms, but always apart of religious orders. Her psyche bears the marks of humanities best and worst traits; the all encompassing love of God, the sorrow of famine, disease and war… It seems like Dominia only appears when times are at their hardest and most challenging. She lives in the now, but ever mindful of the past.

She remembers the vicious sack of Rome in 455AD by the Vandals. She was present when Pope Urban called for a Crusade in 1095AD to relinquish the Holy Land from the infidels. She heard and felt the mighty Turkish cannon bombard the walls of the holy city of Constantinople in 1453AD. The fall of the Queen of Cities ushered in a new age – the Renaissance. During this rebirth, Dominia witnessed Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel. She was his friend and confessor, and he regularly told Dominia of his lust and desire for male flesh. This was Dominia’s first exposure to the beauty of love between two men. It was frightening and elating.

Her incarnation during the Enlightenment was confusing. She did not understand what was happening. How could this earthly world reject God? Is it not HE who gave us life? She wasn’t confused for long…. In the summer of 1790 she died a horrible painful death in Naples, most likely from syphilis…probably from some gutter trash she picked up by the docks.

It took centuries for Dominia to manifest again. She reconciled her soul with the new age and realized the modern time wasn’t a rejection of sanctity; but merely an evolution of the human experience. The time has come for Dominia to once again enter the world. In a new Order that appears religious, but rejects the restraints imposed by those who are misinformed. Her mission is no longer about repression, submission, and superstition; but universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt. The time has come once again for public manifestation and habitual perpetration.

With Humility, Respect, and Love,

Sister Dominia of the Immaculate Corrosion

†The Immaculate Corrosion†

im•mac•u•late: 1) having no stain or blemish: PURE. 2) containing no flaw or error

cor•ro•sion:      1) the action, process, or effect of corroding. 2) product of corroding

I have chosen “of the Immaculate Corrosion” as a surname because this is essentially what I call our work. I see holiness and sanctity in our mission. It is our responsibility to break down the barriers that society has created with the intention to stifle the full human experience. It is our job to show unconditional love and joy, even in the face of adversity. I believe the sisterhood to be a calling and I am both grateful and humbled to have answered this call.

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