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Sister Electra-Complex (she/her and they/them) is an anomaly.  On one hand, her loud mouth often gets her in trouble.  Centering her phallic Freudian need for center-stage attention, they seek this in the very way they live their queer life—as an unabashed critique of their socialized self.  On the other hand, Sister Electra-Complex is the essence of amor—existing within stereotypes of femininity, a goddess of strength through love and empowerment.  Opposite callings create identity-tensions for Electra-Complex as binaries related in the traumas of cultural expectations. As such, Electra's mission is to create new ways of seeing that are full of possibility; thus, her third way of existing is not found between the previous two, but as a negation of both, simultaneously and never before, existing outside of the ways of thinking as her response to the world, between the seen and unseen, subsequently queering the sacred code.

Locate yourself within an ethos of process.

Here’s to the femmes such as myself!

Sister Electra-Complex, THE NUN OF YOUR CONCERN, queering the youth, taking names and believing in false idols, you’re welcome I’m just so fabulous!

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