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Barbie was born and raised in beautiful downtown Burbank and was a product of “Father Knows Best”, “Ozzie and Harriet” and TV dinners.  Barbie always looked forward to Easter because Mom got a new hat that she would let her play with after church.  (They should have figured it out back then.)  Barbie found out about homosexually and Boys after joining the Scouts.  She started cooking for all the boys too and offering them Dessert (talk about playing with fire)!s (two dumped and one dead), she found turning weenies, patties and buns in the backyard BBQ’s was just as much fun as being married.  Serving Bear claws, Chicken, Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs or even a Twinkie or two can also be satisfying.  Barbie has found that if you limit yourself to one type of man (I mean food), you will miss something very tasty.

After joining the Sisters, she purchased a Hot Dog cart.  She likes bringing it to the bars and enjoys taking it on the road to places like San Francesco and Phoenix.  She loves pulling her cart down the Boulevard and even some alleys to do her missionary work.  The sisters have taught her that working beyond her backyard can be much more fulfilling.  She is so glad that the sisters have taught her to spread her legs, I mean wings, and she now enjoys helping the community - all around town and not just in her backyard.

Barbie started as a postulant with a single idea of who she was, so she realized that she needed a sous chef.  Therefore, she looked for a mother in different places, but she did not find the right fit.  After looking and looking for the right Mother, and thinking that the orange curtain was too far away, she never considered the Mexican waitress, Sister Lupita Phat*He*Ta Buffet, who has a culinary degree in sluttiness.  Nevertheless, Barbie realized that this was the best Mamma for her, and in addition to learning that one magical word in Spanish, she was able to get her house cleaned too.  Can you say inmigración?

Barbie has learned so much about the sistory of the LA House and SPI as a whole, including the Radical Fairies.  You see before she learned these things, Barbie thought that Radical Fairies were a just a group of gay political hippies and that the Sisters only passed out rubbers and did fundraising for one or two AIDS groups.

Barbie has grown in so many ways, learning about her freedom of expression and the buffet of what the sister do.  She has learned that the visions of our sisterhood are varied.  They are sometimes put upon us to review, but not necessarily to follow.

As you can see, an outside interpretation of the sisters can be quite confusing, as it was for Barbie-Q, but she has since learned that you can’t judge a sister by the way she orders her meat.  Barbie’s journey thus far has been one of fun and excitement, and she can’t wait to continue her journey with the sisters.  Barbie loves the work she has done as a sister, and she knows in her heart that she is ready to wear the hoobie-doobie.  As a novice she know there are meat to cook around every corner, and is ready to serve the next one? Who knows it may be you!

With Joy, Hope and Charity,


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