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Sister Jenna Say-Quoi embodies the Ho in HOPE and J.O.s to JOY! A transplant to Los Angeles, with roots in Houston and a speckled past in NYC/Fort Lauderdale, this tri-state, bipolar, Mono inclined hooker with a heart of gold has always been cum-unity oriented by focusing on outreach, education, and fundraising. With VIP access to multiple clinics, sexual health advocacy and acceptance are always topics literally near and dear to Jenna and various AIDS Walks have benefited from her efforts. Lobbying with the ACLU good-touched Jenna at an early age, sparking concerns for the trans community, homeless LGBTQ youth, and senior community integration/involvement, all marginalized groups her current missionary works will prioritize assisting. Always upbeat, or else asleep, Jenna encourages you to live by her Vedic mantra, “If in doubt, put out… your best.”

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