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Born in California, Erotica began traveling the world at a very young age. Her star-struck stage mom entered her in hundreds of small-time shopping mall beauty pageants. This led to a very successful modeling career – posing for photos in the Sears catalog and various Jehovah’s Witness publications, including the famous Watchtower magazine (she was Miss February, 1989). But while on a promotional visit to Tokyo Disneyland to sign copies of her debut hand-modeling calendar, poor Erotica was kidnapped by an all-transvestite branch of the dreaded Yakuza and sold as a sex slave on the Asian Black Market.

During her slave years, Erotica was trained in the traditions and lovemaking secrets of Japan’s famous Geisha Girls. But her captors found her appetite for carnal bliss to be overwhelming, so they had to lend her out as a stripper in clubs. After she wore out all the poles in Tokyo’s infamous Ginza District, she was demoted to a mere sweatshop worker – creating retro clothing for Barbie dolls.
As she toiled over her sewing machine, she dreamed of freedom and fantasized of a life of stardom where she could set trends and steal ideas from the hip gay underground community - similar to her idol, Madonna.

Soon her fantasies led to delusions. Delusions gave way to schizophrenia. Erotica’s mind became a wasteland of pointy Gaultier bras, 70’s gay porn, and tiny little plastic shoes. After seducing a phallic-challenged factory guard, she escaped her shackles and fled back to the USA - Silver Lake, California. She scratched together a living go-go dancing at such edgy LA clubs as Spit, Cherry, Hard, Bar Sinister, and Denny’s on Sunset.

Sister Candy Cide discovered Erotica, wild-eyed and gyrating at the Mr. Sister Leather 2002 Contest and took her in to nurse back to health – as much as she could anyway. Becoming Postulant Erotica, she started tattoo-therapy to help heal her wounds – and create a few new ones.
But Erotica often neglected to take her medication, causing her to seek out scenes from her previous life as a sex slave – wearing the garments of both nun and the trashiest of hookers. Erotica had truly become Psychotica!!!

Her taste for the nasty habit was only beginning to rear its mighty mushroomed head (9 x 6 with a P.A.)! Sister Erotica Psychotica, the Avant-Guardian of the Nasty Habit became a Fully Professed Member of the Los Angeles house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in November 2003. Seeing more action than a Roman Catholic altar boy, often on her knees or bending over backwards, Sister Erotica takes her mission to arouse and service the community very seriously.

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